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Confess your fears

IMG_7537 IMG_7539 IMG_7552Primark jacket and bag
Cheap Monday jeans
Lovely Shoes leo print flats
Some unproductive week for my blogging heart, I am always full of disappointed grins as I see someone in a mirror who can barely write a post, aware of the fact that it wont be good enough. Sometimes I think I am really crazy. Anyway, ashamed of the fact that I’m wearing too comfortable pair of flats second post in a row I present you myself in the evening sunshine of spring. 

Midnight city

IMG_7633 IMG_7654 IMG_7672 IMG_7673 IMG_7676 IMG_7685 IMG_7686Vintage Levis denim jacket
Vintage shirt

Sisley peg trousers
Zanzea tote bag in nude
Finsk wedges
Omg, I don’t know is it sun or something but I just have this craving for very light, even white or maybe a pastel clothing. I just ordered a pair of loose trousers in white, well, and some other stuff. Unfortunately for me I will have to keep away from my dog and the real stuff. I’ll do my best. Taking about my outfit, I wanted to to buy a pair of loose trousers and found these in secondhand for like cents, great stuff. Yet, I need to fix these a little but it’s worth it- I really enjoy Sisley fabrics. 


rock chic outfit styleLittle preview of todays’ look just because it’s time to announce my giveaway winners. It’s so hard to host giveaway because if it was possible every single one would be a winner. Anyway, I picked winners for this one randomly, here they are:
Full package will go for pouci_bnncir@yahoo.fr.
Three listed below also receive a prize (not a full package):
I will do my best to host another nice giveaway asap. Thank you for stopping by my blog and all the support. 

Mercy in You

rock chic outfit fedora IMG_7340 IMG_7361 IMG_7369 IMG_7374 IMG_7380 IMG_7395Zara fedora hat
Asos multicolor coat
Sheinside neckline sweatershirt
Cheap Monday skinny jeans

Zanzea backpack
Zanzea mesh sandals
Hi, guuuys! Spring is busy for everyone- same things here. So, I’ll be quite laconic for tonight and I just can say that I’m doing my best to catch up with real life and all the blogging stuff, it’s just ‘aaa’. One advice- if you read e-mail answer it at a dash or you’ll stuck in the mess. It is interesting, I have the ability to make a mess even in my virtual world, ha-ha.
P.S. I’ll let you know about giveaway winners tomorrow! (yes, winners, I decided to share my love with few of you).  

When I called her evil she just laughed

IMG_6175 IMG_6181 IMG_6187 IMG_6201 IMG_6213 IMG_6232Zara feroda hat
Zara blazer
Primark dress
Cheap Monday skinny jeans
Zanzea nude tote bag
SammyDress boots with tassels
I usually avoid slipping into the dark side too much, even thought I would love to. I don’t think I ever wore skirt+trousers combination on blog and this type of layering I rarely do. Anyway, it worked for me pretty nicely. Well, I was judged by myself only. Buuut, I kind of get this feeling that Rick Owens’ wife would invite me to join ‘the cool kids table’ for this outfit.