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Omg! Finsk sample sale

Finsk shoesOne of my favorite shoe brands is holding a sample sale! It’s breaking my heart I cant take a chance this time myself, such a bad time. Anyway, I had to share it, maybe some of you have a spare change. Check Finsk Sample Sale site and you’ll find some gorgeous shoes. Yet, they have very limited amounts and only few sizes are available but prices are just beyond little and if you’ll see something- grab it. There is not much time to think since sale closes on March 30th. 

Show me your pedicure

heeels toe1. Hollow Out Sandals
2. Sleek Ankle Strap Sandals
3. Ankle Strap Sandals
4. Elegant Wedge Sandals
I haven’t been wearing sandals for so long, but as it is natural, new pleasing things are just forgotten old ones. A shameful crime of mine not to buy another pair of shoes, but I’m working on it. So, with no excuses upcoming warm season should be dedicated to some elegant and maybe unexpectedly bright pedicure matching with elegant and minimal heels. I’m lusting for nr.4 the best, since wedges are so comfy! 

Take two

IMG_1437Boots in burgundy
Boots in black
Just before Xmas (seems like it was ages ago) I ordered boots, later on forgot about that and went for getting a burgundy booties. Burgundy ones are awesome chunky shoes, and I’m like ‘omg these fit everything’. I think this styling enthusiasm will last for good two weeks. Yet, I need to match them with some feminine clothing so I won’t go back to my teen year looks.

(Finally) Burberry Prorsum+ Vestiaire Collective

burberry prosum wedgeBurberry Prorsum wedge
As most of us do, I made some style resolutions for myself this year. Such a vanity, but I promised myself to buy all shoes that I wanted for ages. These were on a list too- Burberry Prorsum wedges from ’12. Little bit over my price range but it raises my heart beat like an adrenaline rush. 
Then I was digging to find a sign of killer wedges for sale, I bumped into VestiareCollective page- perfect online shop for fashionista who want to buy or sell their designer stuff. I still want to buy this pair of Burberry Prorsum wedges, yet they’ll have to wait. Anyway, I highly recommend this shop! Even though you will might loose your mind and all the money, but it’s worth it.  

Chunky shoe kit

chucky boots1.LIGHTFIELD Slipper Shoes
2.MARIO Leather Brogues
3.SOLDIER Lace Up Heels
4.PORTOBELLO Platforms
5.PREMIUM POSTAL Leather Platforms
6.SOLDIER Lace Up Heels in black
7.PORTLAND Platforms
8.PREMIUM POSTAL Leather Platforms
9.ALFONSO Ankle Boots
10.ARCADE Cut Out Ankle Boots
11.PHAROAH Leather Platforms
Since, weather is just terrible, I am hiding in my room all lazy. Hating myself for slow turtle- up – side – down rolling in the bed and jumping on the unicorn of shopping world online. Yet, got so annoyed of lucky-not moment as I saw my dream boots by Alexander Wang (more on these particular later on) on Ebay for $150. Almost grabbed, yet saw shipping and taxes raising the price almost double, meeh- had to pass on this.
Sale season can always bring some light in the end on the tunnel, no wonder list is quite long as you see. Went back to reality (I mean, from high end to high street) and surfed for some chunky- vintage – British type of boots. Something that is taking all over and no denying kitten heels are bound to dust in the shelf. It’s super comfy and brings this nice proportion so legs look skinnier. And yes, one pair of regular flats also slipped in the collage because – just look at them, it’s like these are form a priests closet.