When I called her evil she just laughed

IMG_6175 IMG_6181 IMG_6187 IMG_6201 IMG_6213 IMG_6232Zara feroda hat
Zara blazer
Primark dress
Cheap Monday skinny jeans
Zanzea nude tote bag
SammyDress boots with tassels
I usually avoid slipping into the dark side too much, even thought I would love to. I don’t think I ever wore skirt+trousers combination on blog and this type of layering I rarely do. Anyway, it worked for me pretty nicely. Well, I was judged by myself only. Buuut, I kind of get this feeling that Rick Owens’ wife would invite me to join ‘the cool kids table’ for this outfit.  

Omg! Finsk sample sale

Finsk shoesOne of my favorite shoe brands is holding a sample sale! It’s breaking my heart I cant take a chance this time myself, such a bad time. Anyway, I had to share it, maybe some of you have a spare change. Check Finsk Sample Sale site and you’ll find some gorgeous shoes. Yet, they have very limited amounts and only few sizes are available but prices are just beyond little and if you’ll see something- grab it. There is not much time to think since sale closes on March 30th. 

I’m waiting for the night to fall

IMG_5749 IMG_5754 IMG_5768 IMG_5779 IMG_5781Bench parka jacket
Sheinside Neckline Sweatshirt
MissSixty leather look skirt
Zanzea mini backpack in black
Sandro wedges

This is kind of ‘take two’ of my previous post, ode to shoes- no other. Well no denying, they match my parka pretty nicely. It’s pity I came to this splendid place with a sundown, so pictures turned bit blurry and dark(ish). Anyway, space itself is worth to share and hopefully, rain will go away giving me a honor to take some nicer pictures.
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New details

IMG_5694IMG_5733 IMG_5715 IMG_5703 IMG_5702Zara fedora hat
Hole knit sweater
Zanzea backpack in black
Sandro wedges
Finally, I received few items I wanted so bad. Minimal small backpack and Sandro boots. A second one came as spontaneous buy and they already tough me a lesson - one shall not wear new pair of shoes for a busy night out. Anyway, my feet are already feeling better and i cant wait to wear these again.  

Show me your pedicure

heeels toe1. Hollow Out Sandals
2. Sleek Ankle Strap Sandals
3. Ankle Strap Sandals
4. Elegant Wedge Sandals
I haven’t been wearing sandals for so long, but as it is natural, new pleasing things are just forgotten old ones. A shameful crime of mine not to buy another pair of shoes, but I’m working on it. So, with no excuses upcoming warm season should be dedicated to some elegant and maybe unexpectedly bright pedicure matching with elegant and minimal heels. I’m lusting for nr.4 the best, since wedges are so comfy! 


alexander wang bootsZara fedora hat
Zara blazer
Vintage shirt
Tights Please tights
Alexander Wang boots
As I’m having a tasty cup of hot chocolate I came over this look I wore last week. Still sunny it was, and yet getting so naked might be a cause of me getting a cold. But no complains about it since I can make a spring makeover in a wardrobe, in a speed on snail of course. I need to refresh so badly, and I would just love to get rid of everything and start clean. Is it just me, or warmer winds do bring the same feelings to your mind?