Reminds me of past




IMG_7222Vintage Levis denim jacket
Sophie Deschamps necklace
Zara dress
Yesfor tote bag
Bershka kitten heels
 Weirdly enough, when you match red heels with vintage denim jacket, you can barely run away from 80’s image. Especially then I have this old-school fluffy foxy hair. It’s nothing to be worried about, I feel that 80’s, as well as post grunge, clouds are about to sneak into the sky of aesthetic monochrome boredom, in which we feel no other than safe.  

Good time’s the devil, I’m a force of heaven

IMG_8143 IMG_8167 IMG_8203 IMG_8208Asos basic triangle bra
iver Island top

Choies checked midi skirt
Yesfor messenger bag
Vintage clogs
  It’s so hot outside and everyone is taking a little break from online world. Aren’t you? I don’t know why I’m being so fluent to post lately, but I haven’t been all summer. What is more, I did not even see that I’m not showing myself in pants that much- I need to look for some to keep myself ready for unstoppable fact of upcoming autumn. 

Meeting young hearts

a BasharatyanV clothing   Last Thursday, my morning started in Brick Lane and after cup of coffee I went to visit Felicities showroom. Finally, stepping out of my cage to refresh my blog adventures.
It’s always a great pleasure to see works of young designers. As I know few young ones myself, I saw how much work and dedication there is in every single inch of collection. Its a shame that some of us can not support young talent only because we know not of their existence. Weirdly, that’s the case mostly, since prices are nothing to complain of.
I found some names to keep on the list for good. One of those leather-rocking label Early Morning Rebel, who make gorgeous minimal pieces. Worth to mention, BASHARATYAN V and especially their jackets, colored soft candy like palette.
My personal favorite was blue floral prints resting on the long vintage looking dresses by Beautiful Soul, modern look on ethnicity by Ethologie. What is more, you just can’t forget the stories printed on David Longshaw clothing. 
   For the finals, as I have such long lasting affair with jewelry it would be a sin to forget names like Imogen Belfield, Linnie Mclarty.
b sports lux Beautiful Soul London clothing Beautiful Soul London prints c jewelery harness d Julia Burnessd Linnie Mclarty young designers d Linnie Mclarty rings d TAESEOK KANG LTD David Longshaw fashion Éthologie fashion london felicities pr showroom hand bag


floral a floral dress asos flower dress flower print dress flower rock chc flowers boots flowersASOS Bardot dress
ASOS Align Boots
Vintage jewelery
  Yesterday, I received some clothing I ordered, in a celebration of good weather and unrealistic expectation that August will be grateful enough to stay for two months or so. Anyhow, this dress is something I will be able to wear in Autumn also, only covering my shoulders with biker jacket.  

Breaking the law

IMG_7300Urban Classic jacket
H&M tops

Zara jeans
YesFor tote bag
Vintage clogs
  I just came back from all day long meeting up with friends. Doing this random stuff that has no purpose and takes so much time and, indeed, it recharges my heart and mind. Days like these I go for the safe options, the way I wore in my teens, a bit of leather and mixed with boho details.  

Star crossed

IMG_0002 IMG_0006 IMG_0013 IMG_0027 IMG_0041 IMG_0056Choies black t-shirt
Sheinside spagetti strap dress
Yesfor tote bag
Sandro boots
  I used to wear shirt with big Jesus print on it as I was a teenager. It was a gift from my boyfriend and caused me some trouble by prude like teachers with their over the top conservationism. Yet, only after dark Givenchy collection, featuring with dogs and nun-like creatures of the night, I feel liberated to wear this type of top without being to alternative. Maybe even looking a bit chic but from the depths of my heart teen-like.

Cup of coffee by the beach

IMG_9574 IMG_9576 IMG_9581 IMG_9591 IMG_9611 IMG_9649 red dress chic lookH&M fedora hat
Yesfor messenger bag 
Guess blazer
Asos Laila flats
Sugarhill boutique stripped dress
  You don’t have to be a great observer to see how much I enjoy a seaside. Most of the time I don’t take camera, just buy big cup of coffee from Statiol gas station —come on – it’s really good— to drink while watching sundown… But then I take my fellow Canon, sunlight is always grateful sending me exquisite sparkles in the slashing seawater.