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See you soon, Portugal

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Since, blog is a place to dream – I’m in a mood to explore the earth. I’m sharing some pics from lovely Portugal I visited some time ago, just didn’t share any pics for no reason. I spent most of the time in Porto, now, I am lusting to visit Southern part of Portugal. I was surprised by this abandoned city feeling, it felt so weird in such beautiful country full of beautiful people. 

That mistical sowthistle wine

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5This weekend I went to one awesome place for Lithuanian home-made wine tasting, it was fantastic! So finally, something from “Passenger” section again. Pictures are a bit blurred but, damn, there was so many tastes to try: sowthistle, carrot (!), ginger, plum, quince wines and so much more! It’s been a while I had so much fun (and wine).
P.S. the owner said interesing fact: the only veggies/fruits you can’t make wine from are mushrooms, cabbage and peas.


Every time I leave you

Every time I leave Scotland, it’s breaking my heart. Such a dreamy place, maybe I’ll go there once for all, so just for the sake of memories few picutures from there- land of man in skirts. I had tons of work to do there, so saldy not much of a freetime stuff I can share. The only cheesy-touristic thing I managed to do was going to underwater world there you get into this tube and there is water full of sharks all over you. It was inpressive!
I came to London straight from Edinburgh, gash, I was pissed how unpretty London is :D But then it flashed me why I love London too, I’m not that kind to those one place, I wish I could have more bodies to share myslef all over the world. 
Talking about London, I’ll do my best to share something from London Fashion Weekend ;)