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Black and loose

alexander wang heels all black look IMG_2484 IMG_2491Zanzea sweater
Boohoo skirt
Alexander Wang boots
While digging trough my archives, a shamefully messy ones, I found these pics, wearing all black in the dark of spring. Creating my favorite mood: chic, laid back and loose, somehow sad, but still suitable to show for grocery.


IMG_6445 IMG_6478 IMG_6487 IMG_6489 IMG_6492 IMG_6507Zara blazer
Asos Tall Longline Top
Persunmall white trousers
Asos Laila flats

  I was never a fan of white bottoms due to practical reasons but these trousers are so cool, and fits me so well, weirdly they add no weight visually, it must be a right fit for me. It is a challenge to keep them all white, especially when you have constant beagle attacks every time you open the door and enter your home but it’s worth to try. Especially, if you want add something very chic and classic to your wardrobe.    


IMG_7770 IMG_7771 IMG_7778TFCN Printed Kimono
ASOS Laila Ballet Flats
Anna Smith satchel bag
Zara dress
  My blogging is no good lately and I feel a burning desire to update, buy a new camera, create some better content and make it much more alive. I could not imagine turning myself into this looks updating creature, but enjoy it and I am grateful for support. Second month of summer started so well for my blog, on the first of July I woke up and my Lookbook was joined by more than 10k. It makes me feel so good and motivates greatly, I hope I’ll always find a spare minute for my temple called blog. Even then I’ll be a cool grandmother who drinks tea in her rose garden in Chanel suit. Love you guys!


IMG_8410 IMG_8424 IMG_8437 IMG_8439 IMG_8451 IMG_8460Choies Leather Look Choker Necklace
Vila Pocket Shirt in white
Choies High Waist Checked Skirt
Finsk wedges
  Oh, goodness, time is such cruel enemy, I’m loosing the battle, especially when it comes to summer. I try my best to enjoy this pretty time, to soak a sun and eat pineapples. Then it comes to my blog, I do not want to be that laconic but summer is like that and #yolo, if you know what I mean.

Playing The Angel

rock chic leather jacket look IMG_7163 IMG_7164 IMG_7167 IMG_7173 IMG_7174 IMG_7178Sophie Deschamps necklace
Urban Classics biker jacket
Yes For messenger bag
Zara dress

Asos Laila ballet flats 
  Separation with flats was such shame, but summer is so short and this type of shoe perfection. I condemn the ones who don’t appreciate the beauty of it, not running around and enjoying every single breath. Funny-awesome thing is that nude shoes create such nice visual illusion making legs look wayyy longer, so I win-win. 

Simple Ideas

IMG_7093 IMG_7101 IMG_7105 IMG_7110 IMG_7134ASOS Beanie
Ebay sunglasses
Sugar Hill Boutique stripped dress
Bershka kitten heels
  As I am doing my best to embrace the goods of summer, buying blueberries in the garden and climbing a trees to eat all sweet cherrys, what is more, I do try to wear skirt and dresses as much as possible.  It is a conscious decision to bring back a bit of a tan  that I lost due to rainy weathers.
For unknown reasons I felt a great need for kitten heels, a red ones. I had to get these as I saw a pair in thrift shop.
And it is awesome.
And comfortable.
And you still don’t like it, but, admit it, sky high heels are doomed.