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Music for my ears

Skullcandy earbuds

My everyday is and deeply influenced by music, so indeed there’s no better friend that a headphones if you need to step outside. I  remember first time I saw SkullCandy earphones/buds- oh, it was so beautiful, variety of cool designs and colors… and, you, know all other chick type of minds.  Well well, now I have one pair of beautiful headphones and these’s in the pic above. And it sucks- both of them went. Something wrong with wires they snap of inside or something like that..  Ok, it can happen with one pair but for both and it happened in first weeks after purchase!  And they are bought in different countries (well, if you want to blame country :D).So overpriced pfff.

SkullCandy you suck!.. But you’re so pretty and I’m gonna wear you anyway ‘cose my crafty lover fixed you!  (now, that trolling face would look nice )

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