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Vero moda long shirt/ DinSKo shoes/ DIY necklace
Hey, guys. So autumn breaze is knocking at a door and I decided to put on my awesome Scottish skirt, I bought it a while ago from souvenir shop in Edinburgh, I love cuts of this type of skirts, just amazing. I wanted one simply black and classic red one. But I wouldn’t find red so there is only one in my closet.
To be honest, I’m going to buy new one from quality shop, Cose the one you see above was 80 pounds and quality isn’t too good: waist line quite thick and fabric is poor. Good quallity kilt and other scottish clothing is expencive, I would pay no less than 300 pounds for skirt like that. Is it worth it? Well, I think, indeed, It’s just the most amazing folk type of clothing piece I ever saw. (Yet)

Fashion shower!

It’s quite old news, but anyway, if there is anyone who didn’t see this yet, here’s a video of A.D. Russo fashion rules. Her collection for H&M will be launched on 4th September. Can’t wait! I’m so into Anna Dello Russo, she’s true fashion icon, fashion in it’s true meaning. She likes sparkling assessories and never wear outfit more than once. I like her aditude that fashion should be all about fun and that you should play with it all the time. I see such a positivism and teen-spirit in her, I bet I would have so much fun with her!  


Bik bok dress
Garageshoes sneakers
DIL clutch
Cubus socks
Takko bra.
Oh, I’m trying to enjoy last warm days with the fear  of cold snowy winter knocking at my door. Here I am in bleached salmon dress, the one I didn’t take out of my closet for all summer. I think, I’ll be wearing all my summer clothing as a desperate request for summer to stay. up to the time then winds start biting my bare legs, ‘cose I still can’t find perfect pieces for my autumn wardrobe!

Runing on neon

Nike shoes via JD.
    For quite a white now,  I was searching for some nice running trainers. And I found these ones from JD. I loved neon details so much, weird thing, then it comes to sports war I like wearing something bright and colorful, but when I’m out of gym dressed in black, most of the time.These were actually better than I could do on my own, not in color sence but in design. Well, anyway, I’m considering to style one pair of my own. If you don’t know that I’m talking about visit NikeID website. There you can customise your own trainers! How cool is that?! You can also add your name or any other letter combination on your super awesome shoes. Sadly they don’t allow any F or Sh words :( … it would be cool to run in rude trainers :D


F&F dress
Nowhere shoes
Nelly haircuff 
Federico Mazzei ring
Hey, dear ones, I just bought new telescopic lence for my camera, how intersting and difficult it is to figure out all the possibilities!  This time I wanted to show my new ring made by F.Mazzei, italian jewelry designer based in Edinburgh. Ring itself is made from silver with huge labradorite in the middle. It sparkles in white and blue tones, oh!
What about you? Would you rather have lots of jewerely or a few great quality pieces?

I used to think I’ll end up driving hearse

..but I’m driving Ford Focus. Of then you get old, you are just doomed to become practical and booring.  Haha, so I just fixed my car and this lovely thing costs like new pair of Louboutin, but now I can go to the seashore and enjoy seashells seashells in the seashore! Although it’s quite terrible and messy in the port, but I enjoyed this afternoon.