Fresh grass

IMG_1233 IMG_1231River Island pleated hem cami top
Lashes Of London neon green skirt
One spontaneous night I decided to get something irregular, something no-no. You know, one of those days when you feel some inner chic is trying to take over your castle of style, built in your own brain, ha-ha. It was a fast choice and here is the consequences… zeet skirt from Lashes of London.
Now I’m carefully picking every single piece in my wardrobe trying to find a perfect match for it. One thing works with this for sure- fresh and virgin spring grass just outside my home. It’s unbelievable and so pity I cant beat the nature, shes (of course it’s she) the best stylist evah.
p.s. if you have any tips of how to style this skirt, it would be no less than awesome to get it.

Long weekend after

IMG_7440 IMG_7442 IMG_7446 IMG_7463 IMG_7471 IMG_7478Klara Mec blazer
Mio Classic gold and black bra
ASOS Strappy cami top
Cheap Monday skinny jeans

SammyDress platform sandals
I had such wonderful weekend, spending time with family and friends in the garden, enjoying sun and Easter treats. I hope you had a lovely long weekend and enjoyed Easter with your loved ones also.
As I went to party some, expecting to dance off holiday weight, I came out wearing very comfortable yet chic look. I love it when these two (comfy+chic) go along.   

Moments for yourself

mio destinio bra underwear mio destinio shop bra  u night wearMio Classic black and gold bra
Mio Classic black and gold short

When it comes to secrets like this I am no good to keep it, and there is no need, since a set of lingerie is one of the pleasures we, ladies, do enjoy. And even thought , a vigilant eyes might have seen me wearing this bra in a post before but it felt like special notice was a necessity.
As I ordered this set, my intentions were to spice up minimal outfits, when wearing basic oversized tee or cami top. For evening wear, indeed. It works perfectly and, somehow, not only for evening wear, haha.
I don’t know what’s your idea of what should there be under one classy and a bit sexy look, but for me this set sums it up no less than unexceptionably.


clueless late 90s style IMG_9273 IMG_9290 IMG_9309 IMG_9313KarmaClothing Fluffy fur knitted top
NewYorker scarf
H&M basic polka dot skirt
Mango bag
My laptop broke down leaving me with no appropriate way to excuse. Yet, it was a legal break and per usual I need t catch up with everything. Something joyful for a start. It is very me to wear all shades of dark and I really enjoyed this outfit on me. And pictures tell story, a regular one- including afternoon in the city, sunny streets, friends and coffee.
Just after seeing these pics I caught myself with the images from Clueless movie. Anyhow, I would love to be a dark side of that story.

Confess your fears

IMG_7537 IMG_7539 IMG_7552Primark jacket and bag
Mio Destinio bra

Cheap Monday jeans
Lovely Shoes leo print flats
Some unproductive week for my blogging heart, I am always full of disappointed grins as I see someone in a mirror who can barely write a post, aware of the fact that it wont be good enough. Sometimes I think I am really crazy. Anyway, ashamed of the fact that I’m wearing too comfortable pair of flats second post in a row I present you myself in the evening sunshine of spring. 

Sometimes I don’t blame them for wanting you

IMG_7707 IMG_7708 IMG_7716 IMG_7722 IMG_7728
sneakers outfit adidasZara blazer
River Island grey shirt
H&M basic skirt
Sunnies from Ebay
Adidas ZX 700 Contemp W via HoodBoyz
kept distance from wearing trainers as a regular pair but what can you do as fashion is asking you to embrace the opportunity and don’t worry of pairing pavement with stilettos. If I gave in buying a pair of Adidas, which by the fact are just the prettiest pair in all world, it’s one step forward to get a pair of Birkenstocks. Don’t you say you haven’t thought of these. Anyhow, viva la secret pink shades in the shoe part of my black wardrobe. 

Diy chalk board paint

diy cahlk board paint 0 diy chack board paintWearing vintage Levis jacket from BragVintage
Sometimes my pinteresting addiction hits the highest point, at the moment I’m stuck on my Travel board, pining all things my wandering mind wants to see. Earlier on I had a crush on all those pretty walls and home decor painted with chalk board paint. Couldn’t get rid of the idea to make myself something like that. So, I decided to paint my door and see how it works.
diy chalk board paint There is only few ingredients needed but I couldn’t find it without a help of salesman, so if you’re like me- just take what they give you. If you want to make your own you should get:
x Black acrylic paint (or any color you want)
x Non-sanded powder tile grout
x A brush
x A sandpaper
Process is no other than easy: just mix approx. 3 parts of acrylic paint with 1,5 part of tile grout. Some offer to add water baser medium glaze (1,5 part), yet, it worked for me without it quite well also. So if you’re on a budget you can try a “two ingredient” version.
After mixing everything (don’t hurry), apply the paint on your desired object, if you see a need to coat more than one layer- be patient and wait for a first layer to dry. Also, it is highly recommended to sand a paint before applying new layer.
For pro crafters  you can also check MarthaStewarts recipe. Never thought I’ll be using this name on my blog, yet, rumor has it that she was a finder or this idea.
A final step, of course is to buy some nice colorful chalk and start working on it. 
IMG_2212P.S. my door turned out dark brown since my tile grout had this hard red-brown shade. At first I wanted a black board but I couldn’t find white grout. It doesn’t look to bad and is kind of old-school. Anyway, I recommend to use a white one, so no unexpected colors will turn out of nowhere.