Following Bardot

brigitte bardotJoules tunic dress
Topshop choker necklace

Joules scarf
Stuart Weitzman boots
Some women can be eternal inspiration, even in fast forward fashion world, the one that is always tempting us to look for something new. Brigitte is one of those magical creatures who is so feminine and yet so tough. She came back to my ken when I got tempted to get this tunic from Joules, so classic and kind of vintage. Yet I wanted to avoid looking ‘not-me’ too much. In this case some chokers or dark lips would make a perfect match with the dress. Oh, can it be any better!?

Want you so bad I can taste it

IMG_8386 IMG_8387 IMG_8388 IMG_8399 IMG_8401Choies printed top
Vintage skirt
Sandro boots
Third day of Autumn is on it’s run but weather is still grateful for us. I’m greeting it in a mix of my favorite pieces, yet, this skirt has just left us for better place. Leather is such lovely material but once it gets torn you can barely fix it, it’s a titanic work. What’s why this was no other that best bargain evah, but enough of skirt-talks, it’s time to prepare for fashion weeks and get in the busy mode of it all. I promise, I’ll do it good for blog. 

Sunday blue

IMG_0412 IMG_0406 IMG_0395rock IMG_0360ASOS TALL Skater Dress
ASOS ALIGN Ankle Boots
Yesfor tote bag
Choies chocker necklace
Such unexpected and long break, but it’s the cruelty of life I need to leave my shelter called blog to figure out my life. For better or worse, I bought some new clothing, to feel my loneliness (??), so I’ll try to keep the content going. Even thought I cant stand my camera, the one that is always prepared fail my creative mind and surprise me with sharpness then it comes to blue dress and blue door combination.

Parka time

simons parka

  Last month of summer is at full speed to meet September. I can’t even write about the autumn, it brings some weird grin to my face. Anyhow, the only way to cheer up is finding new wardrobe pieces. One of my staples, I think first before we fall-for-fall is its majesty Parka. After, my desperate inspection I’ve already found two minimal (with is, from time to time, synonymous to perfect) ones at These are actually made by Twik- new brand one the radar!- and I am pretty sure it’s the same model in different colors. Dark one would fit with statement pieces, but green one would be such a wicked basic with some Chelsea boots and tote bag. Ah, decisions!


IMG_0417 IMG_0425 IMG_0431 IMG_0436 IMG_0438 IMG_0448 IMG_0451Glamorous basic black dress
Yesfor messenger bag
ASOS laila boots
Persunmall x vintage jewelry
  When I saw these leaves on the pavement, I got terrified. Such horrible jokes made up by August. Anyhow, one more reason to keep your head high, otherwise it’s depressing.
I’m Very laconic this time… but all the winds blew away all my poetry (and tan) lately. 

Reminds me of past




IMG_7222Vintage Levis denim jacket
Sophie Deschamps necklace
Zara dress
Yesfor tote bag
Bershka kitten heels
 Weirdly enough, when you match red heels with vintage denim jacket, you can barely run away from 80’s image. Especially then I have this old-school fluffy foxy hair. It’s nothing to be worried about, I feel that 80’s, as well as post grunge, clouds are about to sneak into the sky of aesthetic monochrome boredom, in which we feel no other than safe.